About KMF

Mission and Purpose

The Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation exists to fund and support Child and Family Life programs and projects in children’s hospitals within Michigan, through donations from Kiwanis clubs, individual Kiwanians and the general public. When available, smaller hospitals and medical offices are supplied with medical themed coloring books and crayons for their young patients and their siblings.

The Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, TIN 38-1723513. Contributions qualify as a tax deductible donation. Michigan Charitable Solicitation (MICS) License # 2452. All gifts to the Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation are greatly appreciated and used to support our mission.

[KMF Bylaws] [990-PF]


Each Division in the Michigan District of Kiwanis elects a trustee to represent their clubs on the Foundation Board of Trustees. Each trustee will regularly communicate with the clubs in their district to provide updates and opportunities for all Michigan Kiwanians to participate in the efforts of our Foundation.

[Trustee List]

Kiwanis Support

Each Kiwanis club in Michigan is asked to make an annual contribution of $45 per member. [Online Contributions] [Download a printable form]

Kiwanians can make individual contributions, select a memorial contribution, or give in honor of another individual. [Download a printable form.]


Michigan Kiwanians are encouraged to participate in the Thomas Oliver Holiday Greeting Program each holiday season. The Michigan District of Kiwanis Raffle takes place every spring with the help of ticket sellers in all Michigan Kiwanis clubs.

In May the Earl O’Brien Memorial Fishing Derby sends sponsors and patients of the children’s hospitals out fishing on Lake Michigan.


The Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation offers opportunities to recognize outstanding individuals, both Kiwanis members and community members, with a variety of awards.